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Why The Middle East Will Never Change

Afghans Rioting After Accidental Quran Burning In Afghanistan

Today it was announced that 5 Afghans were killed, as well as dozens more injured, during protests over the accidental burning of the Quran by NATO troops. Now before you get all upset, they didn’t grab a bunch of Qurans, throw them in a pile and burn them just because they were Qurans. They were discarded because of “extremists writings” that are prohibited in the detainee facility they were found in. I’m also curious to know how in the world people even found out that there were a few Qurans in a huge pile being burned.

Here’s what’s wrong with this whole situation: Why are the U.S. and NATO having to apologize? Why are people so fixated on condemning them and not the people rioting? I’m what I call a “New-Age Christian,” and I must say that if someone burned the Bible in front of me, it wouldn’t bother me in the least. It’s a book. Did someone defacing this book affect me? Absolutely not. Did it harm me? No.

Now if this had been the other way around and Afghans (or whoever, wherever) were burning a pile of Bibles, would people be in the streets in the U.S. rioting and killing each other? Hell no. So my question is this: Why in the world do these people think that they can react in such a way? They’re killing each other in these riots but it’s somehow OTHER peoples fault. It’s ludicrous to even attempt to justify this way of thinking.

Just like when that idiotic “pastor” in Florida claimed he was going to burn the Quran, they reacted in the same fashion. Now I obviously do not agree with ANYTHING this pastor stood for, because he was an extremist in his own way, which I despise.
On the other hand, I do not think everyone in the Middle East is an extremist in any way, shape or form. I know countless amounts of people that are good friends of mine that are from the Middle East, so please, don’t waste your time trying to paint me as racist.

This is one of many reasons the carnage and killing of innocent people throughout the Middle East won’t stop. There has to be a fundamental change in the way they think and react to international situations. I just hope it’s sooner than later or there may not be a Middle East to talk about.