Karen Klein Bullied Bus Monitor

Making The Bus Monitor Cry

A few days ago a friend of mine posted a link to a video on facebook with the title “Making The Bus Monitor Cry.” Can’t lie, the title caught my attention, so I watched it. I watched a 10 minute video of a handful of teenagers taunt, curse and threaten 68 year old Karen Klein for absolutely no reason at all, making the elderly woman cry.

Now those of you that know me know I’m ALL for a good laugh, which can include a comedic jab at the expense of others and frequently making fun of even myself. And those of you that know me also know I’m not an emotional person in any sense of the word. But after watching this video, I felt absolutely terrible for this woman. Not only does it speak of the character, or lack thereof, of these kids, but it also speaks volumes about how they’re being raised at home. This takes me to my main point: These new young generations of kids are terrible and it all comes back to the lack of parenting in America. Parents aren’t parents anymore; they’re friends, which is a huge disservice to the kids. The kids may think it’s cool now, but once they get into the real world, they’ll be torn apart.

Anyway, back to Karen. A man had commented on the link my friend posted of the video and he said “This lady is an adult. She is the one with issues…what is the purpose of the monitors on buses if she can’t stand up for herself and hold the kids accountable? Stupid.”

Verbatim, that is what he said. That statement is idiotic on so many different levels it’s actually mind boggling. Now obviously Karen isn’t my BFF, so I don’t know too much about her other than the little that’s been said about her in the news. But this is what I’m assuming about Karen:

  1. She is semi-retired

  2. She has become a bus monitor in an effort to stay active rather than stay at home all day. It’s a way to occupy herself.

  3. Being a bus monitor is another way for her to support herself. (From the research I’ve done, bus monitors on average, receive $9 – $10 an hour, averaging between $15,000 – $20,000 a year)


Unfortunately it’s a disturbing trend that elderly people can’t actually retire, but that is the new reality. I have massive amounts of respect & empathy for the above reasons. Now for that man to even suggest that Karen is the one with issues is beyond me. She grew up in a time where this type of bullying was probably non existent, so to have all of this relentlessly thrown at her for 10 minutes was terrifying for her, and I get that. Yes she’s an adult, but I wouldn’t expect for YOUR grandmother to be able to take that kind of non-stop abuse and not get scared or emotional. They grew up in a different time; in some aspects a much better time if I may add.

Now here’s a follow up news story that MSNBC released just a few hours ago:

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MSNBC’s full article can be read here.

Now this outrages me just as much as the initial video. To think that them saying “I’m sorry” is enough punishment is a complete disgrace. That is NOT punishment. Listening to their apologies, it’s very clear to me that these were prepared statements by the parents. These kids are not sorry and won’t be until they actually have punishment that equals the hurt they caused Karen. These kids should be expelled from their schools, be forced to take multiple extensive anti-bullying/tolerance courses that their parents have to pay for and be required to do hard community service. I’m talking community service where they actually have to work. Working with bullied or abused kids seems like a great fit. Now to turn around and make these boys and their parents out to be the victims because now THEY are getting harassed is nonsense. They should be getting harassed. What they did to that woman was just despicable. That’s what happens when you’re a stupid kid that thinks it’s funny to video tape it and put it up on the internet for the whole world to see. No one is going to think that what you did was funny. You’re getting a taste of your own medicine for being a little shit.

But on the bright side, there has been an outpouring of support for Karen. has an active campaign that is going to Karen to give her the vacation of a lifetime and get her well on her way to true retirement (Check out the campaign here). The initial goal was $5,000 and as of June 22nd, over $522,000 has been raised! Yes, $522 THOUSAND dollars. Half a million dollars. Needless to say the initial goal was completely blown out of the water and Karen will actually be able to retire comfortably, if she so chooses. If you would like to donate, click here. I know any type of donation would be much appreciated. Let’s get Karen retired and let her enjoy life, without those shitty kids! They have also posted a link to her facebook (click here), which I’m sure is on overload, but I’m sure you will still be able to send her a message with words of encouragement.

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