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The Truth Behind China’s Fur Trade


Electrocution. Beating. Head bashing. Crushing. Suffocating. Skinned alive. THAT is the fate tens of thousands of animals face every year in China. All that after living in extremely overpopulated cages – literally on top of each other – for days, weeks and months at a time, all while starving. When an animal tries to fight for their life, as any animal instinctively does, they receive repeated blows to the head with pipes, bats, sticks or whatever is available, until they can fight no more. This epidemic doesn’t just include fox’s, wolves, rabbits and raccoon’s – it also includes mans best friend.


There are countless videos floating around the web of the abuses animals face in China, but recently the one above has been making it’s rounds on Facebook. If you were able to make it even halfway through the video, you were able to stomach more than most people.


Anyone that knows me knows I’m a sucker for animals, specifically dogs. My dog Mia isn’t a pet to me – she’s an integral part of my family, she’s my child. I couldn’t imagine anything bad happening to her, let alone the horrific fate tens of thousands of animals face every year in China just for their fur. I’m a dog person, no doubt about it. So anything that even resembles a dog, I immediately have a soft spot for.


The abuses these animals face are horrific at best and absolutely HAVE to stop. As long as there is a demand for it, the Chinese will keep supplying – unapologetic and without consequence. Join me in the fight against China’s fur trade by donating to PETA by clicking here now.

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