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Why Does Obama Want To Go To War With Syria?

Before you read this, I want to be up front with you and tell you that this article is probably not what you expect. But allow me to entertain my wild fantasies…Please watch this clip from The ED Show and then read the text below.



This impending strike on Syria has been weighing very heavily on my mind the last few weeks and really, the last few months. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out why in the world President Obama, who rallied so hard to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan, seems to be so bent on striking Syria. Now keep in mind this event and the events that have preceded it in Syria, are not national security risks to the United States. What is going on in Syria, as terrible as it has been, are the results of a civil war, not an international conflict.


But on September 6th I was watching The ED Show on MSNBC when host Ed Schultz (whom I have the utmost respect for and watch daily) talked about the issue of striking Syria in his opening monologue. Now his stance was the same as mine – confused as to why Obama has been so passionate about striking Syria, regardless of whether it was 1 missile or 1,000. But it wasn’t until after watching his opening monologue that I realized what Obama is doing. It just clicked for me. The light bulb went off over my head. Reverse psychology.


Now I’m sure you probably went “Pffft how stupid is that!? That is so childish. That’s not how the United States works.” Well, I agree that it is stupid and childish but that doesn’t mean it’s not accurate. If there is one thing I could say that I’ve taken from Obama’s years in office it is this: Republicans hate him. No matter how good or bad his idea is, they oppose it every step of the way and then some. It’s completely treasonist in my book (and I’m pretty sure according to the laws of the United States as well). When Ed starts going on about how the Republicans have (starting at the 3:30 mark until the 5 minute mark) obstructed Obama’s efforts, regardless of what the issue is, since he came into office. That’s when the light went off for me. Obama doesn’t want to go into Syria, he wants to do the exact opposite. And with as childish and ridiculous the Republicans have been since he came info office, something as puerile as reverse psychology could actually work. And THAT is exactly what I think Obama is doing – risking being labeled as the ‘bad guy’ or the hypocrite by publicly saying and rallying for support for a ‘limited military strike’ against Syria, while expecting the Republicans to do exactly what they have done since day one: Reject anything Obama suggests and do the exact opposite. It’s actually quite genius if you ask me.


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