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Displaying Posts To Specific Pages In WordPress

So a few years ago when I ventured into the world of website development and creating, specifically utilizing the WordPress platform, I was extremely confused. I’m extremely smart when it comes electronics and know all the new products that are coming out – but HTML, PHP, CSS and all the other computer talk was like looking at Chinese for me. I was completely lost. But there was one thing that I needed, that no one seemed to address…and that was having a website with multiple pages that would all be updated dozens of times a week, maybe more and having my posts go specifically to those pages.

After about 40 hours of searching Google, WordPress archives, Youtube and God knows what else I still came up empty handed. I was completely baffled that what I thought was common sense, seemed like it was impossible! And here I was hearing all of these great things about the WordPress platform yet I couldn’t even make my posts go to the correct page? Complete fail. Maybe it was my stubbornness, maybe it was my disbelief that something “so awesome” couldn’t do something so simple – or maybe a combination of the two – but one night, after a bottle of wine, I figured out the secret completely by accident. The next morning I woke up knowing I had done something incredible the night before but couldn’t remember how to do it. Luckily for me I still had it up and saw what I had done. I about crapped my pants I was so excited.

So I had figured it out! The almighty elusive secret! I must have watched 500-750 Youtube videos and tutorials on WordPress titled “displaying posts to specific pages in WordPress” and they were all the same damn thing, more importantly, the WRONG thing. So I immediately purchased Camtasia Studio, which allows you to record what you’re doing on the screen and narrate it – which is what most people who make WordPress tutorials use. I made my simple 3 minute video and uploaded it to Youtube and BOOM, instant hit. Now it doesn’t have a trillion views like all the other Youtube WordPress tutorial videos do, but mine is CORRECT and theirs is not. I’ve had dozens of people e-mail me thanking me for that video, that they had been in the exact same situation as me, scouring the internet for the right way to display posts to specific pages in WordPress.

So without further a due, here is the correct way to display posts to specific pages in WordPress!
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