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How To Change Mazda Protege5 Transmission Fluid


This is for the manual transmission only!

In this quick video tutorial I’ll be showing you how to change Mazda Protege5 transmission fluid. Now before you freak out or get too intimidated, I promise you, it’s not as hard as you think. If you can change your cars oil, you can do this no problem.

First let’s lay out the supplies you’ll need:

  • Gear oil (FSM suggests either SAE 75W-90 or 80W-90 depending on climate)
  • Funnel
  • 3-4 feet of vinyl tubing to fit the funnel
  • WD-40
  • Drain pan
  • Jack with jack stands or ramps
  • Impact wrench (preferably) or or ratchet (I recommend either 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch because you’ll need some good leverage)
  • 10mm socket (with a ratchet that will fit it or you can use an adapter to go from a larger ratchet size to the size you’ll need for the 10mm)
  • 23mm socket


First things first – if you happen to have 4 jack stands laying around (or bricks or whatever you use) I would recommend jacking the front and rear of the car up evenly so you get an accurate reading on your transmissions fill oil level. If you only raise the front, keep in mind that the higher you jack the car up, the more inaccurate the reading you’ll get because the transmission oil will be pushed to the backside of the transmission.

Once you’ve raised the car you’ll need your 10mm socket and ratchet to remove the plastic splash guard under the car covering the transmission. There are 5 of these bolts (the last 2 are up near the break line behind your wheel). You do not have to take your tire off for this. In my opinion, that just adds a very unnecessary step. The splash guard is very flexible and can slide right over your wheel assembly.

Once the splash guard is off you’ll be looking at the transmission. Both the drain and fill bolts are 23mm (this is where I recommend using the WD-40). The fill bolt is toward the front of the transmission while the drain bolt is aimed straight down. *Note: DO NOT remove your drain bolt first! Why? If you drain your transmission of fluid without removing your fill bolt first and you end up having trouble getting the fill bolt off, you’re not going to be a happy camper because your car will be inoperable due to the fact that there would be no transmission fluid in the transmission.

Once you’ve removed your fill bolt, check your fluid level. Or if you’re changing your transmission fluid completely, remove the fill bolt then remove the drain bolt to drain the transmission fluid. Once it’s drained, go ahead and put the drain bolt back in. *Note: Both the drain bolt and fill bolts have metal washers on them. Don’t lose them. If you see that they are damaged, replace them before proceeding.

Now, with the help of someone else, you’ll connect your vinyl tubing to your funnel and fish the tube down to your fill bolt (you shouldn’t have to remove your air intake, but that’s up to you. Another unnecessary step in my opinion). Push your vinyl tubing into the fill bolt hole and have someone else hold the funnel up while pouring the gear oil into the funnel (I recommend staying under the car and holding the tube in place so it doesn’t accidentally pop out). *Note: If you are replacing your transmission fluid, the car takes approximately 3 quarts. If you are just adding more oil make sure you keep an eye on your fill level by periodically stopping the flow of oil and peeking into the hole.

Since gear oil is much thicker than traditional engine oil it will take a few minutes for the oil to make its way from the funnel to your transmission, so be patient. Once you’ve put in the specified amount of oil, double check the fill level to make sure it’s within specifications. If it is, replace the fill bolt (along with anything else you may have taken off ie the front of your intake), lower the car and let it run for a few minutes to verify there are no leaks. If you don’t see any signs of leaks, then you’re good to go! Shouldn’t take you more than 10-15 minutes and most of that will be spent watching the oil slowly make its way through the funnel.

If you liked this tutorial or found it useful, subscribe to my Youtube channel where I’ll be posting more “how-to” videos for the Mazda Protege5. Below you will find the 2 pages in the FSM (Field Service Manual) that show the process of changing and/or checking your transmission fluid level.

Mazda Protege5 transmission oil 1

Mazda Protege5 transmission oil 2

How To Tell If You Are a Basic Bitch

     How To Tell If You Are a Basic Bitch: I came across this gem of a video yesterday and I must say, bravo! What a fantastic video from It is just too good and too funny to not share. Now, if at any point during this video you think “Wow, that kinda sounds like me,” then yes – chances are you are basic.


Why Does Obama Want To Go To War With Syria?

Before you read this, I want to be up front with you and tell you that this article is probably not what you expect. But allow me to entertain my wild fantasies…Please watch this clip from The ED Show and then read the text below.



This impending strike on Syria has been weighing very heavily on my mind the last few weeks and really, the last few months. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out why in the world President Obama, who rallied so hard to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan, seems to be so bent on striking Syria. Now keep in mind this event and the events that have preceded it in Syria, are not national security risks to the United States. What is going on in Syria, as terrible as it has been, are the results of a civil war, not an international conflict.


But on September 6th I was watching The ED Show on MSNBC when host Ed Schultz (whom I have the utmost respect for and watch daily) talked about the issue of striking Syria in his opening monologue. Now his stance was the same as mine – confused as to why Obama has been so passionate about striking Syria, regardless of whether it was 1 missile or 1,000. But it wasn’t until after watching his opening monologue that I realized what Obama is doing. It just clicked for me. The light bulb went off over my head. Reverse psychology.


Now I’m sure you probably went “Pffft how stupid is that!? That is so childish. That’s not how the United States works.” Well, I agree that it is stupid and childish but that doesn’t mean it’s not accurate. If there is one thing I could say that I’ve taken from Obama’s years in office it is this: Republicans hate him. No matter how good or bad his idea is, they oppose it every step of the way and then some. It’s completely treasonist in my book (and I’m pretty sure according to the laws of the United States as well). When Ed starts going on about how the Republicans have (starting at the 3:30 mark until the 5 minute mark) obstructed Obama’s efforts, regardless of what the issue is, since he came into office. That’s when the light went off for me. Obama doesn’t want to go into Syria, he wants to do the exact opposite. And with as childish and ridiculous the Republicans have been since he came info office, something as puerile as reverse psychology could actually work. And THAT is exactly what I think Obama is doing – risking being labeled as the ‘bad guy’ or the hypocrite by publicly saying and rallying for support for a ‘limited military strike’ against Syria, while expecting the Republicans to do exactly what they have done since day one: Reject anything Obama suggests and do the exact opposite. It’s actually quite genius if you ask me.


Do you think President Obama wants to go to war with Syria?

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Stiletto Nails

Stiletto Nails

I’m not really sure where to start with this latest trend of getting “stiletto nails,” so I’m just going to do what I’m best at, and that is give my honest opinion: It’s stupid.


I’m not really sure when having cat woman nails became popular, nor do I care, but this stiletto nails trend should stop. Like immediately. It seems like every time I log onto Pinterst or Instagram there are more and more pictures of these ridiculous nails. Where do I begin?

  • They’re stupid

  • They’re sharp

  • Women with sharp objects are bound to hurt themselves, or even worse, me

  • These MUST get in the way of…how should I say it? “Extracurricular activities”

  • I certainly wouldn’t want to get frisky with a woman that has knives as nails – please refer to points 2 and 3.

  • They look ridiculous

  • You’re not special or cool because every other female is doing it too

Am I the only one that thinks this?


Stank Face